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The title comes from a term that is related to the noise as soon as your mouth opens and shuts (supposedly ).

Concept: You’re Pacman and you’re extremely hungry. You locate a maze filled with’dots’ and zip about eating them. Regrettably there is some poker 88 that aren’t overly happy about that and they’ll chase you and consume you – but hey, there is some really large dots that provide you the ability to banish the ghosts back into their own cage. The maze is complicated, filling the entire display, however there are no dead ends – there is also a passing way between all sides of the display. At the middle, is that the cage that holds the ghosts – sometimes bonus fruit look beside the cage. You basically have to eat all of the dots to be able to progress.

Game play: This really is an easy idea, but with fairly decent images and an addictive song it turned into a massive success. There’s a good deal of strategy into the game – every phantom follows a set routine (although eventually they will overlook this and accompany you) – actually there are books devoted to the best path to avoiding the ghosts. The game gets more difficult as you move, together with all the enemies speeding up and becoming brighter.

It is among the first games I can recall using music as a significant selling point. I wasted several hours playing with this game, and even though I was not good I’d had fun trying to invent new paths. It’s also likely my most prosperous programming accomplishment – I made a variant of the for the Acorn Atom and that I sold a few hundred copies (again in Germany) – I’m proud as a twelve year old, I had been able to use programming and logic abilities and make some cash doing this.

1. Asteroids

Origin: It is really amazing to think that this game was initially released in 1979 – I have been enjoying with it for 30 decades now!

Concept: The small space ship has strayed to an asteroid belt. You can go anywhere on the display and also going off the border is OK – it just appears to be a wrap round world. Initially they’re big, and are rather slow. After hit they divide into smaller asteroids, and these smaller asteroids divide again – the bigger the asteroid the quicker it moves. Sometimes a horrible alien ship will look and begin shooting you – he will sometimes hit on the asteroids and divide them. The thought of this game is easy – destroy all the asteroids without colliding to them or getting captured by an alien.

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